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Press Release 01/05/2021
Burkhard Eling takes up role of CEO at DACHSER

On January 1, Burkhard Eling became Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Spokesperson of the Executive Board of logistics provider DACHSER. He heads the Corporate Strategy, Human Resources, Marketing executive unit, which also includes Corporate Key Account Management and the Corporate Governance & Compliance division. Eling succeeds Bernhard Simon, who will take over as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the family-owned company in mid-2021.

Press Release 12/28/2020
Dachser organizes vaccine logistics in Berlin

Kempten, Berlin, December 28, 2020—With Covid-19 vaccinations starting in Germany, Dachser is stepping up to organize vaccine logistics in the German capital on behalf of the Berlin Senate.

News 11/25/2020
For a sustainable society: More and more NGOs are taking action around the world

In the course of globalization, internationally networked non-governmental organizations or NGOs are playing an increasingly important role. DACHSER’s partnership with children’s aid organization terre des hommes demonstrates how a company can support an NGO over the long term.

Press Release 10/23/2020
DACHSER and Fraunhofer IML continue research partnership

The Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics IML and DACHSER are extending their collaboration in the DACHSER Enterprise Lab for a further three years. Their partnership will continue to focus on research and development projects with practical application benefits for the DACHSER network. These include digital technologies such as data science and artificial intelligence (AI), real-time locating systems (RTLS), 5G and the Internet of Things (IoT), autonomous vehicles, and adaptive warehouse systems.

News 10/01/2020
DACHSER in Shanghai receives “AGCO Above and Beyond Champion” award

AGCO awards its logistics partner DACHSER for excellence in innovation, service, global growth, and cost efficiency.

News 09/23/2020
The new DACHSER magazine is here!

Getting through the crisis together – How DACHSER is forging even closer ties to its customers and partners.

Press Release 09/15/2020
DACHSER launches weekly charters from Hong Kong to Frankfurt

DACHSER launches weekly charters from Hong Kong to Frankfurt

News 08/11/2020
“Benelux is a key region in global logistics”

A close-knit transport network, connections to global markets, and an ideal geographical location—Benelux offers the perfect conditions for integrated logistics solutions. Aat van der Meer, Managing Director of DACHSER Benelux, talks about the importance of training, how the coronavirus pandemic is affecting the region, and a royal visit.

News 08/10/2020
"Our compass points us in the right direction"

Defying adverse circumstances while simultaneously taking advantage of the opportunities - Bernhard Simon, CEO of DACHSER, about crisis management as part of DACHSER’s culture.

Press Release 07/22/2020
DACHSER Brazil transports 250,000 masks for ThyssenKrupp

Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, DACHSER Brazil coordinated for ThyssenKrupp Elevator the import of 250,000 disposable masks, which were later distributed to all employees of the elevator manufacturer in Latin America. Both companies’ headquarters are based in Germany, and DACHSER is ThyssenKrupp’s partner for logistics operations in Brazil and other countries around the world.

News 07/07/2020
King Willem-Alexander visits DACHSER in Waddinxveen

Willem-Alexander, King of the Netherlands, visited DACHSER in Waddinxveen on July 1. During a tour of the branch and subsequent discussion sessions, he was thoroughly briefed on the topic of education and training in companies and how to ensure that it continues, especially in times of crisis.

News 06/29/2020
“The trick is to establish robust supply networks”

What are the lessons of the current crisis? Bernhard Simon, CEO of DACHSER, on the future of global goods flows.

News 06/29/2020
Offering new prospects and a future

Logistics provider DACHSER has joined forces with children’s aid organization terre des hommes to work on projects in Brazil as well. There, the focus is on a subproject called “Children’s rights create the future,” which has been running successfully since 2015 at the CEDECA children’s rights center in Limeira, a troubled city in the federal state of São Paulo close to the metropolitan region of Campinas, which is home to millions of people.

Press Release 04/10/2020
DACHSER builds on its growth driver

Even as the global economy becomes increasingly weaker, DACHSER was able to continue growing in 2019. The logistics provider increased its consolidated net revenue by a solid 1.6 percent to EUR 5.66 billion. Driving this growth was again the Road Logistics business field, net revenue rose by 2.9 percent to EUR 4.60 billion. In contrast, the Air & Sea Logistics business field saw a decline of 4.1 percent, mainly attributable to weaker demand for air freight services for automotive customers.

Market Information 03/30/2020
DACHSER European Logistics – your reliable partner in good times and bad

We are pleased to be able to advise that, despite the huge challenges caused by COVID-19 crisis, DACHSER's European Logistics network continues to operate with its customary high reliability in order to fulfil your vital business requirements.

DACHSER, your family-owned business partner, has been doing its utmost to maintain its commitments given to you with regard to services and rates.

We have taken extensive measures to ensure the continuous supply of goods throughout Europe, and are fully aware of the huge responsibility we have for your business and for society in general. We are facing severe challenges and incurring additional costs as are all organisations within in our industry. Being well aware that nearly all industries and customers of DACHSER are facing a similar situation, we wanted to give you a strong signal that DACHSER remains in partnership with you:

DACHSER stands for stability and reliability in difficult times as well. Therefore, we will not be introducing a general “COVID-19 surcharge”. Instead, we wish to renew our commitment to you that we will be standing by our agreed tariffs and maintaining our rates for domestic and international groupage shipments for the time being.

We would like to cooperate even closer with you in order to develop solutions for the current and forthcoming challenges. In addition, we trust we can count on your flexibility in adapting lead times or service levels where necessary and your reliability by respecting the agreed payment terms based on our mutual trust and cooperation.

Let us stand side by side in these challenging times!

Market Information 03/30/2020
Current loading restrictions in Europe due to Covid-19

In the following you will find the current loading restrictions that apply to Europe (see download). Food transports are excluded from this. This document here will be updated on a regular basis.

With the free map of the software provider Sixfold, transport companies and truck drivers can view the current waiting times at European borders and make appropriate preparations if necessary: https://covid-19.sixfold.com/