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Market Information 26.03.2020
COVID-19 pandemic: Impact on operational processing in India

In order to contain the spread of Covid-19 virus, Government of India and authorities have enforced a three week ban with effect from midnight of 24 March 2020, which prevents all entries from Europe into, in addition to the already existing entry ban for visitors from several Asian countries. All offices and non-essential services will remain closed during this period.All DACHSER offices will remain close down during this period, until any further notice.

This will create a delivery restrictions in each product category:


  • LH has cancelled their freighters to/ from BOM due to no staff to handle the same at the airport. Staff are unable to reach work due to lock down and curfew
  • Other freighter operators like QR, EK, TK, CX etc. may soon follow suit, please check at your end for any import dispatches into India
  • Flights within India will also be stopped Mar 25 onwards until Mar 31


  • There is a shortage of truck drivers and due to the curfew all transport is at a standstill
  • At Nhava Sheva port, except very limited import shipment which are essential supplies such as medication, no vehicles are being allowed in or out, so basically no import and export container movements taking place since this March 24
  • CFS labour did not report to work, goods vehicles could not move freely as such all activities - stuffing & de-stuffing at CFS' is at a standstill
  • Empty container depots are not working and combined with lack of trucks, no export pickups are possible.
  • The above may turn out to be the case in all other ports and ICDs in India in the next couple of days
  • Various associations have represented to the government to make sure the working of the CFS is not hampered as supplies like pharma and food stuff need to be imported for the country
  • All the vessels with the last port of call from China, Italy, Iran, Republic of  Korea, France, Spain,  Germany, UAE, Qatar, Oman and Kuwait to be quarantined for a period of 14 days from last port of call before they can be accepted at Kolkata Port Trust (KoPT)


  • While documents can be filed online, any cargo requiring physical check before import or export is not possible due to travel restrictions and lack of both customs and brokerage staff.


  • All transportation services (air, road and rail) remains suspended across India, hence we are unable to provide any local transportation or CHA services until further notice

We understand that this may lead to an inconvenience till the time the situation eases, but  to maintain the larger interest of the nation, we would like to save everyone from potential risks & hence request your kind understanding on the same.

However, Our teams will be working from home and will be available during the office working hours and tackle all emails, calls and escalations promptly.

Please rest assured that we will keep you updated of any changes to the current situation. Should you have any concerns and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.

Thank you as always for your continued support. Hoping you, your families, and loved ones stay safe. Further details will be provided as the situation develops.

Market Information 24.03.2020
Current loading restrictions in Europe due to Covid-19

In the following you will find the current loading restrictions that apply to Europe (see download). Food transports are excluded from this. This document here will be updated on a regular basis.

With the free map of the software provider Sixfold, transport companies and truck drivers can view the current waiting times at European borders and make appropriate preparations if necessary:

Market Information 19.03.2020
Fundamental measures to cope with the current Covid-19 situation

After numerous countries have imposed restrictions on public life and some have closed their borders (currently for passenger transport), we are confronted with a number of challenges as a result of the current corona situation. Due to accompanying restrictions to contain the spread of the virus, DACHSER is faced with delivery restrictions in regions or recipient groups (e.g.: catering and retail trade with the exception of essential goods). We are therefore dependent on the support of our customers.

We ask our customers only to hand over consignments for transport where it can be guaranteed that the goods will be accepted by the recipient. If we are unable to deliver consignments due to restrictions in the destination area or closure of a business, we will return consignments already accepted for a fee so that they can be returned to the sender's care as quickly as possible.  Further shipments to these areas or to final recipients will then no longer be accepted. This serves to avoid idle times and thus damage risks in the interest of all.

Of course we also offer individual possibilities of interim storage in contract logistics if required. For the reservation of storage capacities we ask our customers to contact us. We regret the inconvenience this may cause, but we consider it our duty to point out possible scenarios.

Our teams worldwide will stay in contact with our customers. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your contact at the relevant DACHSER branch to discuss your particular situation and make further arrangements for your freight shipments.

All news on the current situation can be found on our respective DACHSER country websites.

Market Information 18.03.2020
Coronavirus pandemic: Impact on operational processing in the USA

As can already be seen from various press releases, the US authorities have enforced a ban with effect from 13 March 2020, 23:59 h, which prevents all entries from Europe into the United States, in addition to the already existing entry ban for visitors from several Asian countries.

This leads to a large number of flight cancellations on routes between Europe and the United States. However, the affected passenger routes also represent a significant portion of the available cargo capacity and therefore there is a massive impact on available cargo space and freight rates.

Our team of experts continues to work hard on alternative options and routes that will allow us to carry urgent cargo and we are committed to providing our customers with priority access to available capacity. As with the successful implementation of our charter program between China and Germany, we are now exploring similar solutions for transportation between Germany and the USA.

Our teams around the world will stay in touch with you, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with your contact at the respective DACHSER branch to discuss your particular situation and make further arrangements for your freight shipments.

News 18.03.2020
DACHSER adding new route for its charter services to cover America

As a response to the disruptions in the supply chain, due to the cancelation of commercial airline space, following the travel ban from Europe, DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics is adding to its existing charter service a new route between Chicago and Frankfurt.

News 18.03.2020
DACHSER is expanding premium charter flight rotation

DACHSER Air & Sea Logistics is starting the next wave of its charter flight rotation service to China and back. The charter route has initially been scheduled to operate from mid-March to the end of the month. From 21 March, DACHSER USA will also be adding a new route between Chicago and Frankfurt to its existing charter service.

Market Information 18.03.2020
Statement on the current situation in regard to the spread of the COVID-19 virus

With this announcement, DACHSER is providing information on action to be taken to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus (also known as the coronavirus) within the DACHSER organization and in regard to the current status of operational activities as well as any possible impacts on our customers’ shipments.

In view of the current situation, specific guidelines for conduct and precautions have been rolled out within the global DACHSER organization. The actions to be taken include the establishment of a central reporting management system, regular assessment of the situation, and definition of additional action according to the situation. The relevant activities were also expanded and intensified on the basis of the existing hygiene management in the various areas (human resources, operational, and process hygiene).

In addition to these actions taken internally, DACHSER is complying with all current official regulations and taking appropriate precautions. In the event of restrictions applicable to individual locations, action plans are ready to be implemented in order to ensure that our network can continue to operate.

To enable a smooth process, we depend on being able to work together with all parties involved in the supply chains, including cooperation with truck drivers so that they will also be able to comply with increased hygiene regulations. We also fully integrated the drivers into our hygiene management and provided hand disinfectants at all locations.

We are doing everything possible to maintain our customers’ supply chains and prevent delays in shipments. If supply chains are to be affected in any way by checks, controls, flight cancellations, or the like, we will work to find alternative ways to ship the goods. We would also like to point out that the delivery times for consignments could be extended. However, the measures we have taken so far make us feel well equipped to deal with the current situation.To make this possible, it is essential that we maintain close coordination with our customers.

If you have any questions about your freight, please get in touch with your local point of contact at the respective branch of DACHSER.

News 11.03.2020
DACHSER at Air Cargo India 2020

Organized by Meese Munchen and the international air cargo news publication STAT trade times the 8th edition of the air cargo event was focused on “building resilience” in the air cargo industry. The event, which took place at Grand Hyatt Mumbai on February 25-27, was also supported by DACHSER India as one of the sponsors.

News 11.03.2020
Shipping cars from Thailand to Bangladesh

DACHSER has recently completed the first batch of a Roll-on/ Roll-off (RoRo) shipment: 40 out of 270 cars were transported by vessel from the manufacturer in Thailand to the dealer in Bangladesh.

News 11.03.2020
Connectivity – A look at future technologies

What are LPWAN, NB-IoT, and LTE-M actually about? And what benefits do these future technologies offer specifically for logistics? 

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