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Market Information 31.01.2020
Coronavirus: updates on DACHSER’s operations in China

The Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia recently spread rapidly in China and many cities and provinces have confirmed cases. In order to keep the epidemic under control, the Central Government has announced the extension of the Lunar New Year holiday to February 2. Local authorities, however, have requested enterprises in that region to not have their employees return to the office until a specific later date, mostly on February 10.

DACHSER Branches

Most of the DACHSER branches will officially re-open on February 10. Starting from Monday next week, February 3, depending on cities and permissions from local authorities, skeleton staff will be arranged to enter the office building to manage critical shipments and minimize impact like detention, demurrage fee, TLX release and etc. We regret that we could not provide full operations but will try out best to maintain basic services.

The date for re-opening is changing on a daily basis and is subject to change depending on the situation. As of today, January 31, 2020, the re-opening date of each branch is as follows:

  • Beijing: Feb-03
  • Chengdu: Feb-03
  • Dalian: Feb-10
  • Dongguan: Feb-10
  • Guangzhou: Feb-10
  • Nanjing: Feb-10
  • Ningbo: Feb-10
  • Qingdao: Feb-10
  • Shanghai: Feb-10
  • Shenzhen: Feb-10
  • Suzhou: Feb-10
  • Tianjin: Feb-03
  • Wuhan: Feb-14
  • Xiamen: Feb-10
  • Zhongshan: Feb-10

Operations in Wuhan

DACHSER’s staff from Wuhan branch will work from home and part of the operations will be handled via our Shanghai team. Hubei Province Authorities announced that customers will need to apply transportation certificate from the local government and hand in the certificate to logistics company if they wish to have shipment to enter or exit the province by trucks.

General business in China

While we are trying our best to keep the operation as smooth as possible, please note that most of the factories in China are still closed; trucking services, flights and terminals are operating at minimum service level. Delays and other operational issues are to be expected.

We will continue to update you via our website with the latest information on how this is impacting your supply chain. Should you have any concerns and/or queries, please feel free to contact your local DACHSER representative.

Press Release 28.01.2020
India fully connected to the Dachser world

An in-house developed transport management system for air and ocean freight businesses, Othello, is a globally standardized system within the Dachser network that delivers high levels of consistency in terms of information flow, efficiency and transparency at every stage of the supply chain. The system has been successfully rolled out throughout Dachser India branches.

News 22.01.2020
DACHSER India is Air Freight Service Provider of the Year in Pharma Shipments category

The award was presented in the 3rd edition of PHARMACONNECT awards organized by CargoConnect, one of the leading Indian magazines in the logistics industry, on January 16 in Mumbai.

Press Release 27.12.2019
Dachser India and terre des hommes organize panel discussion on the role of CSR

Dachser India’s customers and business partners in Pune attended a lively panel discussion about the topic ”The role of CSR in the conscious corporation” which took place on 11 December, 2019. The event, organized by Dachser India and the Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) “terre des hommes”, built an excellent platform for attendants to discuss how a corporation can make a bigger impact on the lives of the marginalized.

News 13.12.2019
The new DACHSER magazine issue 04/19 is here!

Renowned as they are for innovation and quality paired with tradition and craftsmanship, many products from Switzerland enjoy an excellent reputation worldwide. Among them Ricola cough drops, a classic sweet whose special recipe contains 13 herbs from the Swiss mountains.

Market Information 13.12.2019
New regulatory requirements for lithium batteries and cells as of January 1, 2020

Before lithium batteries and cells can be transported, they must pass certain tests. These tests simulate various conditions with regard to, for example, pressure, temperature, crushing and impact that may arise during shipping.

On January 1, 2020, more stringent requirements concerning lithium batteries and cells will come into effect for all modes of transport worldwide. In future, a test summary compliant with UN 38.3.5 must be submitted for all lithium batteries and cells manufactured after June 30, 2003 (i.e. UN3480, UN3481, UN3091, UN3090), as well as for all battery-powered vehicles manufactured after June 30, 2003 (i.e. UN 3171). Doing so will be the joint responsibility of the manufacturers and the distributors of these goods.

According to the airlines, carriers and shipping companies, these documents can be requested from DACHSER. We therefore kindly ask our customers to make these documents available to us for all the lithium batteries and cells mentioned, so that we can, in turn, make them available throughout the entire supply chain. We hereby inform our customers that, as of January 1, 2020, it will no longer be possible to load the affected goods without these documents. For further information, please click here.

News 13.12.2019
The new generation of Management

The first intake of management trainees to undergo DACHSER Asia Pacific’s Management Trainee (MT) programme have graduated, with all trainees having landed permanent management roles within the company.

News 13.12.2019
Success stories in India

DACHSER and terre des hommes have further expanded their long-standing partnership in India and extended their existing contract. Over the past 14 years, they have written many success stories together as a result of their commitment to social responsibility. Our image gallery offers you a glimpse of the individual projects.

News 02.12.2019
“I was posted offshore where everything used to reach us via ships, including food and water”

Siddhant Palkhedkar was born and brought up at Nashik, a city close to Mumbai. After successfully completing his Degree in Mechanical Engineering in 2013, he shifted to Mumbai to work with the largest oil and natural gas company in India.

While working he had an instigation to get knowhow of logistics industry. He joined DACHSER as an Asia Pacific Management Trainee in June 2019, we discussed with him to know more. Let’s see what we found out.

Market Information 04.11.2019
Delay of Brexit - What is still to be considered?

As is known, early general elections for the House of Commons are scheduled for December 12, 2019 in the UK. The EU has also agreed to extend the Brexit deadline to 31 January 2020. The danger of a no deal Brexit is thus averted for the time being. If an agreement on the negotiated contract is reached before 31.01.2020, the agreed transitional period will initially remain in force until 31.12.2020. 

Regardless of whether it is a "soft" or a "hard" Brexit, a customs authority of the respective recipient is essential for the processing of shipments to and from the UK. Therefore, we ask our customers to continue to advise their recipients to provide us with the necessary customs authority.

We will keep you up informed about further developments.

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