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Success stories in India

DACHSER and terre des hommes have further expanded their long-standing partnership in India and extended their existing contract. Over the past 14 years, they have written many success stories together as a result of their commitment to social responsibility. Our image gallery offers you a glimpse of the individual projects.

With grassroots projects, DACHSER and terre des hommes are committed to strengthening human rights and a clean environment in India.

DACHSER has been working with the children’s aid organization terre des hommes in India since 2005. Together they support projects in two districts of Uttar Pradesh, and added projects in two urban slums in New Delhi in 2015. Their collaboration focuses on grassroots projects that are based on the idea of “helping people to help themselves.” These include especially the fight against human rights violations and all forms of violence against children and women, commitment to a healthy, clean environment, and educating young people and supporting them on their way to finding gainful employment.

Development partnership with a personal touch

And it pays off: almost 32,000 children have now been informed about their rights to live a life free of violence, child labor, and sexual exploitation. More than 18,000 children have been given support in preparation for regular school attendance, and 5,400 young people, mainly girls, have learned simple handicraft skills such as tailoring, sewing, or weaving. Some 5,000 young people got involved in street theater, for example, to raise awareness of social problems among their communities. And more than 4,000 young people have taken part in environmental protection workshops and planted almost 50,000 trees as part of reforestation campaigns. Bernhard Simon, CEO of DACHSER, has now gotten to know some of the participants and supporters of the projects in Bihar and Rajasthan. 

Working together for further sustainable social development

“For the development partnership to make a real difference, you need staying power and to make sure social responsibility is firmly rooted in the local communities,” says Bernhard Simon. “That way, the issues that really need attention are the ones that get addressed. The children’s aid organization terre des hommes and its local partners ensure that youth and women’s groups have the opportunity to articulate their concerns and, with our support, take action to support the ongoing social and ecological development of their local community.” The contract extension means that, in addition to the four projects in Uttar Pradesh and New Delhi, support will also go to the north Indian state of Bihar, where one in three people live below the poverty line.

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