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India fully connected to the Dachser world

Fifteen branch offices in India have successfully completed the rollout of the company’s transport management system Othello

An in-house developed transport management system for air and ocean freight businesses, Othello, is a globally standardized system within the Dachser network that delivers high levels of consistency in terms of information flow, efficiency and transparency at every stage of the supply chain. The system has been successfully rolled out throughout Dachser India branches.

The software allows all stakeholders to track shipments with a unique identification number.
The software allows all stakeholders to track shipments with a unique identification number.

The globally homogeneous platform intelligently integrates information on air and sea freight shipments and is linked with Dachser’s overland transportation and warehousing activities.

It gives me immense pleasure and pride to announce the great success in implementing our global systems across our branches in India.

Huned Gandhi, Managing Director Indian Subcontinent Air and Sea Logistics

The rollout of the new transport management system began in May 2019 with the first phase of Dachser India offices in the North and East region, which included Gurugram, Jaipur, Ludhiana, Kolkata; followed by the second phase in Mumbai and the offices in Western India; and finally it successfully culminates its active operations at the last phase at the South India branches.

“The dedication and efforts of our teams on this project are truly commendable,” Mr. Gandhi added, given the vast area in India with many branches and employees, the rollout is considered a complex project.

Digital transformation

While digitalization and connectivity plays a vital role in the evolution of supply chain ecosystems, Dachser India is transforming its process of air and sea logistics with one of the most innovative IT network in the entire industry.

With Othello, which offers an automated evaluation of the shipment and at the same time, allows all stakeholders, most importantly, the customers, to plan their shipments better and map the physical movement of goods throughout the entire transportation process, shipments can be tracked easily with a unique identification number.

With the system rolled out in China last year and India now, not only did we connect the two biggest economies in Asia but also it means we have more than 98% of our global shipments operated under Othello, we look forward to seeing the benefits to our customers in terms of improved transparency and overall efficiency.

Edoardo Podestà, Chief Operations Officer (COO) Air & Sea Logistics and Managing Director of the Asia Pacific Business Unit.

Digitalization is viewed by Dachser as an evolutionary process that began more than 30 years ago and started investing in a team of IT specialists. Today with more than 700 people working for IT system worldwide, it gives Dachser a cutting edge to provide the most secure and reliable logistic solutions to its customers.

“Moving data is equally important as moving goods. Therefore, a long-term oriented IT strategy and innovative logistics solutions are among the important success factors that make Dachser ready for today’s requirements,” Podestà concluded.

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