Dachser's Schönefeld logistics center delivers medical supplies to Ukraine

A wave of willingness to help unites Berlin organizations and companies. Together, they are bringing urgently needed goods to the crisis region. For the Berlin hospital group Vivantes, the Dachser logistics center in Schönefeld transported more than 30 pallets of medical supplies to Poland, all the way to the border region with Ukraine.

Dachser logistics center in Schönefeld transported more than 30 pallets of medical supplies to Poland

The more than 30 pallets of medical supplies that the Dachser truck has loaded come from the stocks of the Berlin hospital group Vivantes. The pallets are packed with protective masks, bandages, diapers, disinfectants, medications, infusion solutions, syringes, and other urgently needed supplies. Berlin's Governing Mayor Franziska Giffey and Ukrainian Ambassador Andrij Melnyk bid farewell to the Dachser truck and driver Peter Groß together in front of the Ukrainian Embassy that evening.

"At 4 p.m., Vivantes Hospital, with which we cooperate as part of vaccine and rapid test logistics, asked us if we would take over the transport and donate it," says Olaf Schmidt, General Manager of Dachser's Berlin Brandenburg logistics center. "At 6 p.m., the truck was ready for loading, drove to the Ukrainian Embassy, and then on to the unloading point in Poland."

Humanitarian support for the people of Ukraine

The war in Ukraine is causing great hardship for many people who have to hold out in the embattled cities. Others are fleeing to neighboring countries with just a few belongings and are left with nothing. As a family-owned company, it is a matter of course for Dachser to provide practical help in this situation and to support recognized aid organizations with logistics capacities.

Dachser Road Logistics will now deliver urgently needed goods and foodstuffs free of charge to the distribution centers of aid organizations throughout Europe so that refugees from Ukraine, for example, can be supplied.

However, private donations, including those from Dachser employees, cannot be accepted and transported via the network. Dachser itself will not be transporting any goods to the war zone.

The peace in Europe is broken. Now all efforts must be made to avert a humanitarian catastrophe. Dachser will do its part.

Organizations can contact the local Road Logistics branch managers with specific inquiries.

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