DACHSER India committed to the principle of equal opportunities

Logistics has been a traditionally male-dominated industry, which used to attract relatively more men than women. In the perception of many, daily working routines mostly include physical work under unfavorable conditions.

However, with technology easing work processes, an increasing number of women are attracted by the logistics industry, while administrative functions have been offering a broad spectrum of opportunities.

The growing number of women in both, the logistics sector and in leadership positions, reflects in DACHSER India as well, where an increasing number of women leaders hold senior management positions. They have taken the responsibility and management of several critical functions across the company.

DACHSER India ensures complete holistic work life balance and believes in all round development, giving all employees respect and space to grow professionally as well as personally. The management at DACHSER takes an active and leading role to make the working environment inclusive, providing flexible work policies and absence of any glass ceiling; which are a few of the most pertinent reasons why women choose to stay and work at DACHSER for years.


Roopa Menon, Area Manager Kerala and Joshi Nimriti, Ocean Freight Manager Gujarat, have both been working with DACHSER for more than ten years. Operating from a distance of more than twelve hundred miles from each other, something in common are their dedication towards their work and taking challenges hands on, such as the pandemic.

Both ladies attribute their success to the strong teams they worked with, who supported in all difficult situations without any gender discriminations, and the management policies for creating such healthy working environment, together with open-door culture which DACHSER has at all levels.

A diverse and committed workforce, and equal and fair treatment for all employees

DACHER India seeks to empower women in the workplace and went an extra mile to implement a fair and gender-neutral hiring process and then ensures women in any role get the right support.

Poonam Shirodkar, who has worked at the company for more than eleven years and is currently a Customer Service Manager, also says that its DACHSER’s commitment to gender equivalence under the leadership of highly educated professionals and intellectuals that ensures a bright future in this wonderful organization.

“I am deeply grateful to the management who gave me the opportunity to grow and become self-reliant in all the aspects of life. I believe in a fact that if I am happy in the professional life, so becomes the personal life. And DACHSER is a great place to work for which values work-life balance”, she added.

There are many good examples within DACHSER India of women taking a strong lead and helping to bring the company to the next level.

Sanika Deshpande, Deputy Manager Legal, stressed that the company has been an excellent place for her to grow her career because she can leverage her strengths to contribute to the fullest, which she has been doing at DACHSER for last four years.

Mallika Mehta shared some similar thoughts. “I joined DACHSER India as Team Leader Master Data in 2017. With dedication, hard work, support from my colleagues and guidance from seniors and the management, I was promoted to Team Leader Business Process and Organization India for Global System Integration project within a short span of just eight months”, said Mehta.

“Prejudice against women in the workplace doesn’t happen here at DACHSER India. I am glad that I get to grow with the company”, she further added.

These are only a few of numerous cases of women who “Choose to Challenge” the stereotype, made ways for self on their terms and excelled in their chosen field of work. All needed is a fair share of opportunities without any gender biases, and DACHSER India is committed to leading the charge in providing the same opportunities to all, irrespective of gender.

This is particularly more relevant in markets such as India, where working environments often remain primarily male-dominated. That said, empowerment and equality have begun seeping into mindsets in the region. Yet, long way to go.

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