DACHSER India: Best Organization Supporting Women Empowerment 2021

DACHSER India has been awarded “Best Organization Supporting Women Empowerment 2021” at the Indian Business Women Awards 2021, organized by Morpheus Enterprises. This award is in recognition of DACHSER India’s active role in implementing policies to create an empowering workplace for women.

DACHSER India: Best Organization Supporting Women Empowerment 2021

On March 19, 2021, the fourth edition of the Indian Business Women Awards was held virtually with COVID protocols in place. In this edition of the awards conference, participants came together to discuss various key topics such as “Survive, Revive, and Thrive Post-Covid Era”, “The Art of Adaptability”, and “Best Leadership Distinction”.

With the goal of educating, motivating, and challenging Indian women to lead change in their lives, communities, and the world, the Indian Business Women Awards recognized 28 award categories this year. Organizers invited participants from various organizations to nominate leading members and groups for these awards to celebrate and inspire women’s empowerment initiatives across India.

Nominees and participants came from a diverse range of professions, including various accomplished women representing the upper echelons of fields ranging from armed forces, business, pharmaceutical research and development, IT, and more.

Giving opportunities for women especially in leadership positions

DACHSER India was nominated in the category “Best Organization Supporting Women Empowerment 2021”. DACHSER India submitted a detailed case study of the company’s rising proportion of women representatives, especially in leadership positions. The study reveals this exceptional growth to be the result of a fair and gender-neutral hiring process and strong worker retention rates driven by a management approach that takes an active and leading role in cultivating an inclusive working environment.

After reviewing case studies from the various nominees, the panel announced DACHSER India as the winner of the “Best Organization Supporting Women Empowerment 2021” award. The panel recognized DACHSER India’s strong track record in providing flexible work policies, maintaining the absence of glass ceilings, supporting holistic development of all employees, and proactively ensuring all employees are heard.


Huned Gandhi, DACHSER’s Managing Director of Air & Sea Logistics Indian Subcontinent, accepted the award on behalf of the company through a video message relay.

Congratulations to the empowered women at DACHSER for their significant contributions towards the success of the company”, he commended.

“Women at DACHSER are today involved in strategic decision making and work closely with our customers to provide logistics solutions to help them manage their global supply chains efficiently.”

The award represents a proud moment for all employees, especially the women, of DACHSER India who have been the pillars of the company’s success. It also affirms DACHSER India’s continued commitment to actively promoting gender equality in the workplace.

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