A step towards a collective world: DACHSER India at the forefront of creating gender equality

In the wake of International Women’s Day 2021, organizations and companies have been gearing up to celebrate this year’s campaign theme “Choose to Challenge”. The day aims to celebrate the tremendous efforts of women and girls around the world in shaping a more equal future, and to help creating an inclusive world without any gender bias and inequality.


Contribution from women has become an integral element to DACHSER India’s success over the years, and women involvements are growing significantly as the company move forward. In the future, even more women will be present in the teams.

DACHSER India has increased the ratio of women employees from 22% in 2017 to approximately 30% currently in 2021

This means around one-third of the employee strength is now held by women in India. Out of this, half of the women have worked in the organization from 5 years to 40 years of service till retirement. Hence, there is a healthy average experience of 8 years duration service among all women. Further, 44% are Gen X, 51% are Gen Y & Millennials and 5% below to new Gen Z.

And, among the pillars of this organization are many women leaders and colleagues who have spearheaded its success.

Arpit Ganguly: Human Resourse Manager, DACHSER India, Air & Sea Logistics

Arpita Ganguly
Arpita Ganguly

Arpita Ganguly, who has worked with DACHSER India for 16 years as a Human Relations professional, Corporate Trainer and an ISO Auditor, has a real in-depth knowledge of the business.

She joined in 2004 as a HR Executive, slowly promoted through the ranks. Today, she is considered as one of the strongest female leads in the company. Her know-how, expertise and soft skills have made her one of the most committed individuals at work.

During the crisis and the confinement being the only young person in the family, she had to shoulder the responsibilities of running the household and ensuring their safety. However, the pandemic crisis has never stopped her dedication to continue education. Ganguly kept upskilling herself through online platforms.

While, all classroom training plans were put on hold after March 2020 due to the lockdown, appropriate innovation had to be brought to introduce online learning and blended learning options.

Ganguly not only managed to execute both and completed on time. As an HR, she also helped immensely in ensuring all processes go smoothly even with lockdown restrictions in place.

“Working at DACHSER is a blessing for all women, who are encouraged to grow, learn and take up leadership roles”, said Ganguly.

“DACHSER India has not only helped me to grow professionally at work, but also personally, wherever or whenever there was a need for guidance and support in my workplace, my seniors and the management were always with my colleagues and me too”, she added.

Her idea for a healthy future is simplistic yet very rooted. She would want her life to be encircled with healthy and happy family and friends and a long career with DACHSER, full of new learnings.

The biggest lesson that Ganguly would like to share with the younger generation is to always “look at the larger picture, which goals excite and drive you to work passionately without looking at a clock and make SMART goals to head in that direction. Take the help of good mentors. Network and always update your skills.”

Equal Opportunity for knowledge, experience and skills is a core principal at DACHSER

Women at DACHSER have stood the test of time in ensuring that customer needs and business commitments meet 100% of the time.

Rashna Dastoor
Rashna Dastoor

Rashna Dastoor: Manager Customer Service, DACHSER India Air & Sea Logistics

Dastoor has worked with the company for a whopping 30 years, always aims at high working standards as she believes in working hard and give 100% to the company. A disciplinary by nature and strived towards success over the years by setting practical goals for herself.

She attributes her career success to the culture of the company which ensures women have just as many active roles and opportunities as men, and having support and guidance from her managers and seniors.

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